Thursday, 1 December 2016

[PORT] Stable Vibe UI 2.0 For Huawei Honor Holly [MT6582][4.4.2]

Stable Vibe UI 2.0

Huawei Honor Holly {MT6582}


Vibe OS 2.0 stable Version
Removed all 99% Chinese character
Zipaling on every boot
Huawei Input Method
Sense weather & clock widget
Init.d Tweaked
Better Internet speed
All features of Vibe UI
Based On 4.4.2
Lenovo Launcher
Lenovo Camera with 8mp
In-built Data Traffic Monitor
Pocket Mode,Smart Call Answer,Smart Calling,

Mercury Keyboard(New Concept)
Shake Lock.Smart Standby
Wide Touch
WLAN Recording
Dual Sim 3G (Not sure)
& Much More Guys


No bugs still now, but if you found then report us.


Google Drive Links

Dev-Host Links


Vibe Team
XDA Forum & Google

Swapnil Pardeshi(For Porting this ROM)
Team HRP- Kishan,Suhail,Hemant,Krishna,Ismail,Aboothair,Omar and Swapnil
Thanks all those People who have worked on this ROM.


Flashing Tutorial

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Monday, 28 November 2016

[PORT] MIUI 8 China Developer ROM 6.11.24 [MT6582][3.4.67]

wipe to delete Lock screen notifications
When you get a new message and it shows on lockscreen, you can slide it from left to right, then the notification will be marked as read. It is convenient because you don't need to unlock your phone and delete it again. 

Launcher settings added to the Settings
We added two options for home launcher into system settings, one is 'Auto Fill empty cells' and the other is 'Lock Screen Cells'. You can now adjust the home screen layout as you wish.

191926t2tny637tlyi9qo2.png.thumb.jpg (71.67 KB, Downloads: 6)


  • Mohamed Ismail
  • Team HRP
  • Xiaomi
Its Bugless
Download :
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

[PORT] MIUI v8 6.11.17 Global Chienese ROM [4.4.2][MT6582][3.4.67]

The MIUI v8 6.11.17 Global Chienese ROM for Huawei Honor Holly U19 all MIUI 8 features including scrolling screenshot, quick ball, many fixes and optimizations. You can Download MIUI Global Stable ROM.

MIUI v8 6.11.17 Global Chienese Changelog :–

  • Highlights
    New – App lock: Unlock all apps at once (06-23)
    New – Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)
    New – After a permission is restricted, a clickable notification is sent to the user which can restore permissions (07-05)
    New – Automatic adjustments for photos when sharing (07-19)
    New – Delete photos from device only when browsing offline albums (07-27)

  • System
    Optimization – Algorithms for using mobile data by multiple SIM cards (09-19)
    Fix – Couldn’t open downloaded items in some cases (09-19)

  • Phone
    Fix – Couldn’t connect to mobile networks during the outgoing call (09-19)

  • Messaging
    New – Sound for delivered messages in the Settings (07-16)

  • Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    New – Animation for successful Wi-Fi connection (07-07)
    Optimization – Floating notification format for incoming calls (06-22)
    Optimization – Separate sound and vibration permissions for notifications (07-07)
    Optimization – Buttons in the Notification shade (09-19)
    Fix – Errors on Wi-Fi details page (06-22)
    Fix – Accessibility for Home screen (07-22)

  • Home screen
    Optimization – Landscape mode for Task manager (07-08)
    Optimization – Task Manager stability (07-13)
    Optimization – UI details in Task Manager (07-22)

  • Gallery
    New – Automatic adjustments for photos when sharing (07-21)
    New – Delete photos from device only when browsing offline albums (07-26)

  • Weather
    Optimization – Templates for different weather conditions (09-19)
    Fix – FC issues when viewing weather info (09-19)

  • Settings
    New – Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)

  • File Explorer
    Fix – Couldn’t see files saved from dual apps (06-28)

  • Clock / Calculator
    New – Duplicating alarms in First and Second spaces. Set an alarm in First space, turn off in Second space (07-27)
    Optimization – Improved order for frequently used settings (07-01)

  • Quick Ball
    New – Tap gesture for Quick ball (06-30)


Error 404! It's Bugless

  • Team HRP

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[STABLE][AOSP] AOSP+OMS/Substratum_r74 For Huawei Honor Holly [MT6582][6.0.1]


 /* Smoothness of Stock ROM with greatness of SubstratumThemes */

> What is AOSP?

AOSP is Android as Google publish without other modifications. More or less AOSP is the Nexus devices stock rom without gapps.

Anyway to get a working system I added some changes from CodeAurora Forum and CyanogenMod. I added also non-AOSP features for a better user experience ("Clear All" button in Recents) and I'm NOT going to add something other.

> What is OMS?

OMS (Overlay Manager Service) which was designed by Sony and its modded by our developers to include it into AOSP ROMs.In short,OMS is a Theme Engine replacement and it can do wonders!

> What's working ?

> WiFi
> Weird sounds after flashing gapps fixed
> Phone FC fixed (still present on fire855's latest cm)
> New FM app
> Camera + Video Reacording Working Perfectly
> No Need to reboot for apps to apear in app drawer
> Hotspot Fixed
> BT Fixed
> FM fixed
> GPS fixed
> Data working
> 1080p playback in gallery fixed
> youtube 720p fixed
> youtube live playback fixed
> Gello browser added
> No Sim fixed
> No Network drop found
> USSD Fixed
> Autorotation Fixed
> All sensors working
> After Reboot QuickSetiings Too
> Rest Are As CM13
> Too many features

> Changelog :-

> camera fixed completely
> no more cam fc after few clicks
> inverted video rec issue fixed 
> New FM app added and fixed
> ril and ussd fixe
> substratum working
> fire855's stability patches merged
> manually updated to r66

> Changelog :- (19/11/2016)

> Upstreamed to r74
> Nov 2016 Security Patch Level
> Fixed Carrier Name instead of Number 
> Improved Performance
> Added Stock Power Profiles
> Improved Battery Backup 
> Added Ambient Display by Default ( check last screenrecord )
> Fixed Xposed in release 74 (r74 contains whitelisting which causes bootloop if any extra app is added which is not mentioned in white list)
> Fixed all UI lags
> Added MultiUser UI
> Fixed Substratum not working properly on some devices due to not getting enough permissions

> Bugs :-

  • VPN (use psiphone's browser only mod)
  • 2G/3G Switch - Solution

> Credits :-
  • Tirth Patel (Built from Source and fixed all bugs) 
  • TLS ferhung 
  • fire855 
  • Men_in_black007 
  • Alberto97 (for his works on F-AOSP lollipop)  
  • Sony  
  • CyanogenMod 
  • SlimROMs 
  • Aboothair
  • Team HRP
> Downloads :-


Select ARM 6.0 Pico
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

[PORT] CM 12.1 FINAL July Patch For Huawei Honor Holly [MT6582][5.1.1]

CM 12.1 FINAL July Patch For Huawei Honor Holly




[HK]Added Gapps
[HK]Added Smart Wake , with app Integration in settings
[HK]Added Smart Cover , with app Integration in settings 
[HK]Added Adaway , with app Integration in settings 
[HK]Added Network Traffic , with app Integration in settings 
[HK]Added (Viber4) app Integration in settings 
[HK]Added SuperSU Integration in settings.
[HK]Added Kernel Auditor Integration in settings.
[HK]Added Camera Next
[HK]Added Gallery Next - PATCHED
[HK]Added Root Explorer
[HK]Added JetAudio Plus
[HK]Added New Eleven Music Player
[HK]Added Sony Keyboard
[HK]Added ADM Pro (Default Downloader App)
[HK]Added MLUSBMounter
[HK]Added NEW Calendar & Email BY BOXER
[HK]Added TrueCaller MOD will now integrate directly into CM’s Dialer
[HK]Added Cyanogen Account, ThemeStore, ThemeChooser with per-app themeing
[HK]Added GLtools for Gamers
[HK]Added XinternalSD
[HK]Activated ClearMotion, BRAVIA v4 and X-Reality Engine v4,
spelled trouble-free codecs to view FullHD streaming video 
[HK]Remove adaway,superSU,viber and some apps from app drawer, them, already in settings.
[HK]Fixed Youtube 720p
[HK]Fixed Green Lines In Facebook
[HK]Fixed VPN
[HK]Fixed Screen Record
[HK]Added Screenshot Bottom On Status Bar
[HK]Added List Scroll Animations
[HK]Added System Animations
[HK]Added Toast Animations
[HK]Added OmniSwitch
[HK]Added Task Manager bottom on status bar
[HK]Added Font Chooser
[HK]Added System App Remover
[HK]Added Night Mode
[HK]Added Trebuchet 6.0.1
[HK]Added HK PROJECT (HKXInstaller) {Various tweaks for Package Installer}
- Signatures checking (globally or only during installations)
- Signatures checking for F-Droid
- Apps downgrading
- Apps verifying
- Unknown app installing
- Installing apps on external storage
- Forward lock flag
- Keep apps data after uninstalling
- Disabling system apps (+ you can turn off notifications for them!)
- Uninstalling device admins
- Auto installing
- Auto uninstalling
- Auto closing after uninstalling
- Auto closing after installing
- Auto launching (apps) after installing
- Permissions checking
- Apps backuping when installing (to /sdcard/XInstaller)
- JAR verifying
- Signatures verifying
- Installing unsigned apps
- Auto backing up (related to adb backup feature)
- Making any app debuggable
- Showing package names in App info (bonus: click on app version to copy package name)
- Showing version info in App info
- Deleting APK files after installing
- Moving unmovable apps
- Checking SDK version
- Installing in background
- Uninstalling in background
- Launching apps (click on app icon in App info to launch app)
- Opening apps in Google Play (long press app icon in App info to open app in Google Play)
- Exporting apps (click on app name in App info to export APK file to XInstaller folder; bonus: long press app name in App info to copy app name)
- Auto enabling clear buttons in App info
- Uninstalling system apps (long press Disable button in App info to uninstall (delete) system app)
- Backing up all (even unbackupable) apps
- Changing device properties
- Hiding app crashes
- Confirm signatures check
and maybe more!
[HK]Transferred All Addiations to Rom Control EXCEPT Kernel Auditor + SuperSU
[HK]Remove Checking Signature Applications Completely
[HK]Patched Whole Status Bar AS android N
[HK]Fixed Front Camera Record
[HK]Patched No Recents Apps - AS Android N
[HK]rounded corners Recents Apps[*]Added Customize Settings Panel[*]Added Preference Control[*]Added Settings Titels[*]Added Autostart Apps[*]Added Flash alerts settings[*]Added Recents Panel[*]Added Gesture Anywhere[*]Added Edge Screen By Samsung[*]Added Header Machine[*]Added Header Auto Machine[*]Added Extra Info Display In About phone[*]Added CPU + Ram In About phone[*]Added Weather Lock Screen[*]Signature Verification Fully Working 100%[*]All Apps Updated[*]Themed More AS Android N


  • Ahmed Nasser HK (Modder-Themer)
  • Aboothair ( Porter )
  • Team HRP
  • Tirth Patel (build From source)
  • Fire855
  • Ferhung
  • Al3XCOol

Inbuilt Gapps with Xposed Insatller

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Friday, 18 November 2016


Touch Os

Huawei Honor Holly {MT6582}


Rom Version:4.4.4 With PreRooted
Super Smooth
No Lag Found Anywhere 
Stable And Best Rom For Gamers
Google Keyboard As Default
Two File Manager MI Explorer And Ex File Explorer
Root Explorer Added
Init.d And Build.prop Tweaks Added
Nova Material Beta Pro Is Default Launcher
Very Beautiful Ui
Awesome Battery Backup
Material Walls
Fully Deodexed Rom
Better Ram Management 
Gapps (Added In Rom)
Rest Figure Out Ur Self


Dev-Host Link

For LED Notification to be Work,
Install this App



Swapnil Pardeshi(For Porting this ROM)
Team HRP- Kishan,Suhail,Hemant,Krishna,Ismail,Aboothair,Omar and Swapnil
Thanks all those People who have worked on this ROM.


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Thursday, 17 November 2016

[ROM] Leagoo's Lead 1 UI FOR HUAWEI HONOR HOLLY (MT6582)

Leagoo's  Lead 1 ROM

Huawei Honor Holly {MT6582}


Kitkat 4.4.2
Smoothest ROM
Lightining Fast
Good camera clarity
Good sound clarity without any modification.
SD card default storage.
Move To Sd Support
OTG Support
New Boot logo & Boot Animation
Gesture Support
Rest u can see in screenshots


Not found any.
Note: Dont try to use OTA update.


Google Drive Link

Dev-Host Link


Swapnil Pardeshi(For Porting this ROM For Honor Holly)
Team HRP- Kishan,Suhail,Hemant,Krishna,Ismail,Aboothair,Omar and Swapnil
Thanks all those People who have worked on this ROM.


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